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Message 6590 - Posted: 17 Aug 2007, 12:20:01 UTC
Last modified: 21 Oct 2013, 16:25:31 UTC

Welcome to the tutorial community subforum. This is the place where anyone can post tutorials and guides on how to use BURP, any of the supported renderers or any programs and utilities used in the process of making an animation or still.

There are really only 3 rules:

  • Your tutorial or guide has to have something to do with one of the above categories (posting a tutorial on how to get dogs to fetch branches will not work)
  • You should name your thread beginning with the name of the application or topic you are covering followed by a colon (":") and then the title of your tutorial. If your tutorial covers multiple applications that are all somewhat related to BURP you can simply let the thread title start with "BURP:" (For instance "Blender: Using multiple rendering layers with BURP" would be a valid title)
  • Any materials (images, videos, podcasts etc) linked in the tutorial thread should be stored on highly available internet servers - if your links go dead there's a high risk of your thread getting deleted. You can ask an admin to mirror it on the BURP servers if you like

Enjoy and have fun!

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Message boards : Tutorials : Posting rules