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Message 10335 - Posted: 1 Apr 2009, 0:00:00 UTC

Sold to GM. We are happy to announce that BURP along with all user accounts has been sold to General Motors. The GM spokesman explains the purchase as follows:
"Our cars have sophisticated computer systems protecting you during accidents, we want those systems to also do something useful when you are not performing an emergency braking procedure. Drive safely and make the world a better place by letting your car render 3D graphics."
As a consequence we will no longer be supporting the Windows and Linux operating systems and will instead focus all development on the custom processors in the Cadilac and Chevrolet series.
Please note that the current version of the GM-compatible client may need as much as 30 secs to pause and resume computations. This is not an issue as long as you avoid situations that require use of the brakes or the stearing wheel during those 30 seconds. The radio will remain unaffected.
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Message boards : News : Sold to GM